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DIY Jewellery design: getting inspired

You may have gazed at all the jewellery on sale at some of the craft markets and wondered how they make them. Perhaps you are entertaining the idea of making your own jewellery but stuck for ideas. Well worry no more because this article is going to point you in the direction of where to look for inspiration.

You could be a beginner to jewellery design or maybe an established designer but truth be told you may be going through an ideas dry spell. Well below are some ideas to get your mojo back:

  • Design for outfit – one approach to take would be to design a jewellery piece for a special outfit. Taking into account colours that would complement the outfit and maybe what length and shape of necklace would be most suitable
  • Occasion inspired design – Are you going to be attending a special occasion you need a striking piece of jewellery? Are you going on an evening out somewhere swanky or a dinner dance where shoulder-duster earrings would be the talk of the evening? Or maybe it’s a casual barbeque where you need a more practical piece?
  • Use your imagination – pretend you are an artist or painter, where your jewellery making components are your media and the human body your canvas.
  • External influence – Fabric stores and market stalls are full of inspiration in their colour and texture, visit one to ignite your creativity bug
  • The all knowing fashion magazine – jewellery magazines are all over fashion magazines and you can pick up designs you can modify and make your own
  • Take a break – sometimes that is all it needs. Take a break from focusing so much on your jewellery design and do something else fun. Creativity has a way of creeping up on you from unexpected places
  • Let your design mojo find you – if you can’t find your design inspiration, then let the design inspiration find you. Take a nice leisurely walk and clear your head. Then when you come back to your jewellery you may be surprised at the designs that start flowing.
  • The child within – this is the part of you that never goes away. Give it a chance to express itself through your designs, surround yourself with different materials, beads, wire and whatever else you have around. Let the child within guide you towards your next masterpiece.
  • Movie Inspiration – Old period dramas can provide inspiration in more ways than one. Jewellery used to play a very important role in dressing and you can get ideas of pieces you can recreate and make your own.

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